Accounts & Contacts

Customers, clients, members, constituents, prospects, partners, vendors, investors, donors, etc. are all different. While they all have many data points in common, they often require unique fields. Wintouch allows you to classify accounts based on type so that only relevant fields are displayed in account summary and in other related forms for each account type.

Account Summary

The account summary screen is completely customizable for each account type. It can display as much information as needed and the layout is easily editable with a drag and drop design tool. An account-level dashboard as well as reports can also be added to the layout to show charts and metrics for sales, quotes, incidents, projects, and more.


Contacts are individuals who are associated with a specific account. Just like accounts or custom modules, the fields and UI layout for contacts are completely customizable. Accounts are assigned a default contact but can have as many other contacts as needed. A contact can be disassociated from the account, preserving any related history. Individuals can also be associated with several accounts.

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