What are activities in Wintouch?

In Wintouch, activities are similar to calendar events, but with much more functionality. They are used to schedule or record interactions, communications, tasks, and to-do’s. Activities display in your calendar and can be tied to specific accounts, contacts, or custom modules. You can set priorities, reminders, RSVP’s, attach documents, and completely customize what information is kept in your activities.

Using activities in conjunction with your custom modules and task automations streamlines and documents vital organizational processes like customer interactions, lead nurturing, collections, service inquiries, and project management.

What can activities do?

Schedule & Record Tasks

Scheduling and recording tasks for yourself or your team members keeps things organized and increases follow-through. Select whether the activity is open or completed, assign a priority, request an RSVP, set a reminder, determine start/end times and add any other relevant details.

Record Communications

Activities related to accounts, contacts or custom modules can be viewed under the activity list. When Gmail or Office integration is enabled, related incoming and outgoing emails (including attachments) can be saved as activities with just a few clicks. At any time, pertinent team members (with permission) can view the account’s activities and correspondences.

Classify Activities

Activities can be classified in any way that suits your business. Create custom categories, regardings, and results for different teams (e.g. sales, customer service, accounting, etc). Customizing which users or teams can view specific categories of activities is one way that Wintouch can be organized to run many aspects of your business without creating redundant records. Because accounts often have hundreds or thousands of activities, classifying your activities makes it easier to locate specific activities later on.

Schedule Meetings & Events

Easily schedule meetings and events for anyone, or for a group, in your organization. Set an RSVP for important assignments so that you can monitor their progress or completions.

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