About Wintouch CRM

Wintouch CRM has been increasing business efficiency and profitability since 1995!

Initially developed as a native solution for the IBM AS/400, Wintouch has nearly 25 years of experience serving businesses of various industries. Wintouch is available natively on IBMi servers (AS/400 and iSeries) and as a cloud service which tightly integrates with ERP and homegrown applications on the IBMi servers. Over the years, customer feedback and market demand has helped us create flexible new features that are designed to assist your team with their daily tasks so that they can focus on nurturing leads, caring for customers, resolving incidents, or anything else that they specialize in.

Touchtone Corporation

Business Software Specialists

Our Team

The majority of our highly skilled software developers and engineers have been with Touchtone for between 10 and 20 years. We believe that the quality and reliability of our software is a testament to the many years our staff has invested in it. Our retention of talent has also fostered a strong and reliable workflow between our development and support staff.

A Successful Workflow

From requirements and specifications, to coding, testing, and deployment, our software engineers are experts at delivering sound technology built to improve the effectiveness of your day to day business processes.
We have been using Wintouch to run our business for over 20 years!

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