Building and Customization

Building and customization is easy in Wintouch! Build & visualize the data structure in the database tree. Add or edit 15+ field types, and apply calculations or scripts to fields to create custom functions. Then customize the UI with a drag & drop editor and make specific layouts for Users, User Groups, or Roles.

The Toolbox

Everything needed to implement, maintain, and scale a custom application.

Custom Data Structure

Add/edit/delete profiles & fields.
Profiles can be nested e.g. Quotes-Line Items.

Add & Edit Fields

Short & Rich Text
Number & Currency
Radio Group
Picklist & Multi-select
Calculations and Scripts can be added to fields to create new functionality.


Automation can add/update records, create tasks & activities, send emails & notifications.

Drag & Drop UI Editor

Add & arrange fields, labels, images, and reports to various UI layouts with an intuitive drag and drop editor.

Workflows & Overviews

Workflows can be added to profiles so that the status of records can be viewed, filtered, and prioritized on a kanban board via Overviews.


Dynamic templates can be used to create and send auto-filled documents using account or profile data (e.g. quotes, invoices, legal docs).

Task Lists

Add a Task List to any profile to foster teamwork, track progress, and improve follow-through.

Unlimited Profiles & Functions

Create profiles to manage projects, test products, oversee production, plan events, or any other process that may benefit from being structured, recorded via a simple UI, and automated. Housing profiles for several different aspects of your organization within Wintouch reduces the need for multiple systems, the hassle/cost of integrating them, redundant data, and offers a broader view from your dashboards.

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