Workflows can be added to modules in Wintouch to make them stage-based processes. Opportunities, incidents, and projects are a few of the most common use cases, but workflows can be used to define and track any of your organizational processes.

Workflows + Reporting

Custom reporting can track the status of your workflows so that you can analyze your performance. How many workflows are currently in each stage? How long do workflows typically stay in different stages? What percentage of workflows usually advance past a particular stage? Use these statistics to find your bottlenecks and increase your throughput.


Automatic workflows identify which stage a given process is in based on the information entered into the fields of a module. This saves time and effort by your staff and ensures that workflow statuses are accurate. When setting up a workflow, you will define conditions that cause each stage to be completed. Once they are met, the workflow automatically moves to the next stage until completion or termination.


Manual workflows are also available for those processes where it makes more sense for your team to manually advance through stages. Some projects for example, should have a flexible structure and cannot be managed by an automatic workflow. Simply hover over the in-progress stage and click to mark it complete, go back a stage, or to terminate the workflow.

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