The best iSeries & AS/400 CRM

A modern cloud platform born on IBM i over 25 years ago.

Cloud + IBM i

Wintouch is a modern cloud platform designed to integrate with core applications running on IBM i (iSeries and AS/400).

Alternatively, Wintouch can be deployed on your IBM i with the same level of integration.

Smooth Implementation

Our proprietary integration tools and extensive IBM i experience ensure a smooth implementation. We provide configuration, data conversion/migration, and integration.

Integration with your ERP (including JDE, CMS, MAPICS, BPCS, and PRMS), homegrown applications, and other IBM i applications can be done quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Proprietary AS/400 Integration Modules​

Wintouch includes natively developed modules (written in RPG) for initial data & document conversion and to maintain two-way data synchronization.

Terminal Emulation Scripts

Up to 5 different terminal emulation sessions can be defined (each to a different system if necessary). 

Strategically placed buttons throughout Wintouch can launch a script which initiates a terminal session, automatically signs in, and inputs keystrokes/function keys as required by the native application. Team members no longer need to switch systems to input data and data errors from manual input are reduced.

Cloud Now? Later? Never?
No Problem.

Customers with Wintouch installed locally can transition to our cloud service at any point, with minimal interruption.

Experienced Support

Most of our support and technical staff have more than 25 years of experience with IBM i (iSeries and AS/400)

Legacy Data, Modern Tools

Wintouch's modern features can leverage your legacy data without the need to overhaul your core systems. Customizable business intelligence reporting provides a comprehensive overview of your business. Custom modules, workflows, overviews, automation, and integration all work together to increase efficiency, pipeline & KPI visibility, and quality of customer care.

Configure & Customize

We believe that a CRM must adapt as closely as possible to the business that uses it. With that in mind, we made Wintouch highly customizable so that, beyond the initial implementation, it can continue to mold to your company’s unique and changing processes.

Modern Features.

 Data Migration & Integration.

25+ Years of IBM i Expertise.

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