Wintouch CRM

CRM designed for AS/400 & Cloud

CRM for AS/400

If you are running a business on IBMi (AS/400 or iSeries), Wintouch CRM integrates tightly with your ERP and other applications, whether you wish to deploy our CRM on your IBMi or use our cloud service.

CRM Cloud Services

Wintouch is feature rich and designed to be highly customizable because it’s our belief that an effective CRM should mold to the business or organization that uses it, not the other way around.

Wintouch CRM is a versatile business management solution that is designed to be tailored closely to your business. A rich set of features streamlines a variety of business processes, increasing efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Why Wintouch?

Any Organization, Any Industry

We believe that a CRM must adapt as closely as possible to the organization that uses it. With that in mind, we made Wintouch highly customizable so that it can mould to your organization’s unique processes. 

Easy Integration and deployment

Deployment, including interconnection with homegrown applications or ERP systems like SAP, JDE, SolarSoft, and MAPICS is simple and cost-effective resulting in rapid ROI.

Friendly user interface

Our UI is simple and intuitive so that your team can get up and running quickly and maintain high levels of engagement. Customized dashboards, user-created reports, workflows, activity tracking, and more work to streamline your daily tasks whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Reliable Support

Most of our support and technical team has been with Touchtone for more than 10 years. As a result, our staff takes great pride in Wintouch and wants to ensure an exceptional experience for your business or organization.


Wintouch gives you several options to extend the life of your iSeries, AS/400, and IBM I systems. Your legacy data can be used with either our locally-installed  offering or our cloud-based services.

Our data migration tools for the iSeries are fast and cost-effective. Whether you have plans to migrate to a cloud based system or not, our solution gives you comfort of knowing you can easily do so in the future. 

Close integration with existing systems is essential to a highly effective CRM. Wintouch’s integration and migration tools make the process cost-effective and efficient.

As a part of our implementation process, we create custom dashboards and drill-through reports to display your most vital data.

Take Wintouch CRM with you on the go with our apps for iPhone and Android.