Human Resources

Create a central hub for your Human Resources team to store information and documents, generate forms from templates, and automate repetitive tasks.

The Human Resources Toolbox

Document Storage

Create custom profiles to organize and store employee documents.

Employee Profiles

Customize employee profiles with layouts consisting of any combination of fields:
Short & Rich Text
Number & Currency
Radio Group
Picklist & Multi-select

Document Templates

Create document templates that pre-fill employee information.

Advanced Permissions

Advanced permissions are available to ensure privacy of sensitive information.

Onboarding Workflow

Create onboarding workflows to track and display progress of all new hires in a kanban overview.


Create Automations that generate pre-filled documents & send them to employees, follow-up on incomplete tasks, and notify HR team members when they need to reach out.
Use automated tasks for annual and other recurring HR items.

Web Forms

Create as many custom online forms for employees as needed. The form information is entered directly into employee profiles.
Web forms can also collect online complaints or reports (anonymous or named).


Keep track of employee certifications and set up reminders for employees to renew before expiration.

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