Web Forms

Leads, Surveys, & More

Streamline online lead generation, conduct surveys, or build a service inquiry request facility with our fully customizable Web Forms. Webforms are created via an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Preview the form, specify any default information, and then copy and paste the generated code into your website. Each form submission creates a new account or custom module record, which can then invoke a series of automated actions and assignments.

Task Automations + Web Forms

A combination of webforms and task automations streamlines processes like online lead generation by housing the entire process within Wintouch and eliminating the need for your sales team to input the lead. 

When a potential customer fills out your web form, Wintouch:

  1. Creates a prospective account.
  2. Emails a confirmation message to the potential customer. 
  3. Creates an opportunity record.
  4. Alerts the assigned sales rep to follow up.
  5. Starts the opportunity workflow which might include other automatic notifications to encourage consistent communication with leads.

Contact us to learn what else our web forms can do.