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We supply the tools to build unique modules to handle processes specific to your business. In addition to common modules like opportunities, incidents, service inquiries, quotes, and invoices, you can create modules to manage projects, test products, oversee production, plan events, or any other process that can be structured and recorded. Building modules for different aspects of your organization reduces the need for multiple systems, the hassle/cost of integrating them, redundant data, and offers a more comprehensive overview from your dashboards.

Task Automations + Web Forms

A combination of webforms and task automations streamlines processes like online lead generation by housing the entire process within Wintouch and eliminating the need for your sales team to input the lead. 

When a potential customer fills out your web form, Wintouch:

  1. Creates a prospective account.
  2. Emails a confirmation message to the potential customer. 
  3. Creates an opportunity record.
  4. Alerts the assigned sales rep to follow up.
  5. Starts the opportunity workflow which might include other automatic notifications to encourage consistent communication with leads.

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