Web Forms

Collect leads, service tickets, surveys, and more directly into Wintouch without the need for additional integration or services. Create automated assignment, responses, follow-up, and reports with collected data.

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  • Pop-Up Forms

    Pop-up forms can be used to display a form when website visitors click on an element such as a button, picture, text link, or other element.
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    Pop-up Forms are available with the WordPress plugin.

Drag & Drop Web Form Builder

Create web forms in a few intuitive steps, set default values, and customize success messages. Create multiple forms for the same profile (like Leads) to collect forms from multiple sources.

Customizable GDPR Agreement 

GDPR agreements can be enabled, disabled, and customized.

WordPress Plugin

Easily create content gates with visitor tracking, as well as pop-up and embedded forms with our WordPress plugin.

Automations + Web Forms

A combination of Web Forms and Automation streamlines processes like online lead generation by housing the entire process within Wintouch and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

When a lead fills out your web form, Wintouch:

  1. Creates a prospective account and contact
  2. Sends a confirmation email to the contact
  3. Alerts the assigned sales rep
  4. Starts a workflow that can include other automatic notifications to encourage consistent communication
  5. Displays the lead on the lead Overview boards

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