Administration Tools

Administration tools provide total flexibility to design, refine, scale, automate, and create new modules/functions.

The Toolbox

Everything needed to implement, maintain, and scale a highly-effective CRM, lightweight ERP, project management, or custom application.

Custom Data Structure

Add/edit/delete profiles & fields.
Profiles can be nested e.g. Quotes-Line Items.

Add & Edit Fields

Short & Rich Text
Number & Currency
Radio Group
Picklist & Multi-select
Calculations and Scripts can be added to fields to create new functionality.


Automation can add/update records, create tasks & activities, send emails & notifications.

Advanced Permissions

User, User Group, and Role permissions are available at the Profile, Record, & Field-level.

Mass Update

Record/data clean-up
Re-assign records
Adjust expiration dates

Users, User Groups, & Roles

Customize User fields, including images. 
Create User Groups for various business units (sales, support, marketing, etc.) or geographical areas.
Assign full or partial admin privileges with Roles.

Advanced UI Customization

Customize UI layouts for various business units (sales, customer service, etc.) and levels (executive, management, representative, etc.) on desktop and mobile devices.

Build, Adapt & Scale

Add new profiles/modules, fields, workflows, and automation as your business evolves and grows.

Admin Training

We provide comprehensive administrator training and ongoing sessions to help you implement new features and functionality as your business evolves and grows.

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