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Task Automations

What can Task Automations do?

Task automations increase your staff’s efficiency by taking care of repetitive tasks and reducing human error. Send timely customer emails based on certain events, ensure important assignments don’t fall through the cracks, and receive alerts when an unexpected pattern occurs.

Multiple conditions can be set to trigger automated actions. Edit the conditions or actions at any time to find what works best for your business or organization.

Automated actions include: schedule activities, send emails, generate documents, or create new account/custom module records.

Custom Alerts

Creating a web of automated alerts helps your management team react quickly to important situations. Instant alerts for significant opportunities, stalled workflows, major incidents, or the interruption of a customer’s regular ordering of a certain product category are just a few examples.

Automatic Scheduling

Automatic scheduling keeps your staff organized and on top of their workload by creating to-do’s for specific situations. Set up timetables for your workflows by defining timed activities for the various stages. Create a rock-solid lead nurturing process where your staff can focus on the communication while Wintouch makes sure everything is consistently done on time.

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