Automation is a powerful feature that can schedule tasks, alert users, generate documents, send emails and update records. Triggers can have complex conditions and multiple actions.
Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks
Reduce human error by reminding users of incomplete assignments
Alert users (or user groups) to respond to critical events
Improve sales and customer service by automating communications, task assignments, and follow-ups
  • an Opportunity
  • a Quote
  • a Service Ticket
  • is > $5k
  • is stalled
  • notify
  • create a task for
  • Jake H.
  • Management
  • Marketing
condition 1
condition 2
condition 3
attach doc
send email
create task
create record
update record

What can Automation do?

Schedule Tasks
Alert Users
Send Emails + Attachements
Generate Dynamic Documents
Update Records

Automation + Workflows

Combine Workflows and Automation to create extensive automated processes with complex triggers and actions. Examples include: lead nurturing and support ticketing processes where Wintouch makes sure everything gets completed promptly so your staff can focus on the communication.

Custom Alerts

A web of automated alerts helps your management team react quickly to critical situations.

Examples include alerts for significant opportunities, stalled workflows, or significant incidents/support tickets.

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