Browser-Based 5250 Terminal Emulator

Wintouch's browser-based 5250 terminal emulator enables direct access to native IBM i & AS/400 applications. View or enter data quickly on up to 5 different systems.

Wintouch 5250 Emulator Features

Select Wintouch for any of the following:

  1. Opens within the web browser
  2. Supports scripts that access AS/400 native applications within sessions
  3. Up to 5 different terminal emulation sessions (to unique systems)
  4. Configure as regular telnet connecting to port 23
  5. Configure as a secure telnet connecting to port 992
  6. Convenient access via toolbar links throughout Wintouch
  7. Enable scripts to auto-sign in and input keystrokes/function keys, as expected by the native application
  8. Improves accuracy of data entry
  9. Saves time for users

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