Wintouch’s features help to foster a collaborative work environment, improve efficiency through automation, and visualize your KPI’s. It is highly customizable and scales as you grow.
Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards & Reports

Create Dashboards for every level, business unit, or region. Our powerful, no-code report wizard creates data tables, charts, and graphs using any data available in Wintouch.

Building & Customization

Create a custom data structure, choose from over 15 types of fields, and add calculations or scripts to fields to create custom functions. Customize the UI with a drag & drop editor and make specific layouts for Users, User Groups, or Roles.


Manage stage-based processes with workflows. Customize the number of stages, stage names, stored info, and automation. Automate workflows to progress through stages based on predefined conditions or allow users to proceed through the stages manually.

Accounts & Contacts

Store and organize account/contact information for customers, clients, prospects, partners, members, or any other entity that you interact with. A powerful search engine quickly finds accounts or contacts with a simple or advanced search.



Automation is a powerful feature that can schedule tasks, alert users, generate documents, send emails and update records. Triggers can have complex conditions and multiple actions.

Activity & Task Management

Stay organized with our activity and task management tools—schedule tasks for yourself, others, and specific profiles or records. Apply advanced classification when logging essential activities to make future referencing easy. Log emails in just a few clicks when integrated with Gmail or Office 365.


Push notifications for desktop & mobile deliver critical messages and alerts to help users keep up with important tasks and events.


Powerful admin tools let you manage your data and UI, define user groups, roles, and set custom permissions.

Email & Calendar Integration

Email and calendar integration with Gmail or Office 365 is available to organize and store incoming/outgoing emails in Wintouch and to sync your Google or Office calendar.

Web Forms

Collect leads, service tickets, surveys, and other information directly into Wintouch without the need for additional integration or services. Auto-assign a representative, automate follow-ups and run reports with collected data.

Email Campaign

Create mailing lists from your accounts/contacts, create or import HTML email templates via WIZIWIG editor, add links to custom webforms, and track campaign statistics.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for iOS and Android enable push notifications, reports, tasks, and access to Account, Contact, and profile data.

5250 Terminal Emulation

Wintouch's browser-based 5250 terminal emulator enables direct access to native IBM i & AS/400 applications. View or enter data quickly on up to 5 different systems.

AS/400 Integration Modules

Wintouch includes natively developed modules written in RPG for initial data & document conversion and to maintain two-way data synchronization.

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