Wintouch CRM’s rich set of features makes it a versatile tool for any business or organization. View your data from anywhere, log your communications, customize your environment, and create new processes that make your business more efficient.

Lead Management

Identify your promising leads and monitor their progress with a custom sales pipeline. Use your existing selling stages or create a new process and track your conversion from stage to stage with our sales overview. Extensive sorting, filtering, and reporting tools give you the ability to parse your sales data and improve your sales process.

Create web forms with a simple drag and drop editor and place them on your website to capture leads and track conversion back to specific marketing campaigns.

Dashboards & Reporting

See the big picture, vital metrics, and trends of your data with our Dashboards. Examine the details by clicking on the charts and graphs to drill-down to micro level information. Unique dashboards can be created for different organizational levels, departments and business units. Additionally, users can create and customize their own datasheets using any data in your system.

Customize, Customize, Customize!

Customize the type of data you store, what you wish to display, and how you display it. Our drag and drop UI editor allows admins to create custom UI layouts and toolbars for different user departments and organizational levels. In addition to the base features, you can use Wintouch as a platform to build add-on modules to improve your business or organizational processes.


Custom workflows can be used to create processes that manage sales opportunities, projects, service inquiries, incidents, or anything that moves from one stage to another. Workflows can be automated so that they progress through stages based on predefined conditions, or can be used manually to allow users to proceed through the stages.

Accounts & Contacts

You can store and organize account/contact information for customers, clients, prospects, partners, members, or any other entity that you interact with. A powerful search engine is provided to quickly find accounts or contacts based on any related field, or a combination of multiple criteria.


Create automation to alert your team members to situations that require their attention. Set automatic alerts for your sales team to follow-up, for your customer service team to resolve outstanding issues, or any other situation that assists your team in completing tasks. The result is higher lead conversion, faster turn-around with service inquiries, and ultimately, a more efficient business.

Task & Activity Management

Stay organized with robust activity management. Schedule or record activites for yourself and others. Classify activities based on type and result so that they can be referenced easily. Log emails in just a few clicks when integrated with Gmail or Office 365.


Push notifications for desktop & mobile deliver critical messages and alerts to help promote effective sales strategies and timely customer service.


Powerful admin tools let you manage your data and UI, define user groups, roles, and create custom permissions or restrictions, all from within your Web browser.

Email & Calendar Integration

Integration with Gmail or Office 365 is available to organize and store work related incoming/outgoing emails in Wintouch. You can also sync your Google or Office calendar.

Web Forms

Create custom webforms to automaticly generate accounts from inquiries, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, handle warranty claims, report incidents, and more. Webforms can seamlessly be incorporated into your Web site by copying and pasting generated code.

Email Campaign

Generate highly specific mailing lists from your accounts/contacts, create or import HTML email templates via WIZIWIG editor, add links to custom webforms, and track campaign statistics, all without paying for an additional program.

Mobile Apps

Take your CRM on the go with easy to use mobile apps for the iOS and Android devices. Customizable App screens can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Terminal Emulation

Up to 5 different terminal emulation sessions can be defined, if necessary, each to a different system. From various places in Wintouch, a script can be launched for one of these terminal sessions, to automatically sign in, input keystrokes, and function keys, as expected by the native application. This will significantly save time for the user while ensuring accuracy of data entry.

AS/400 Integration Modules

Wintouch includes natively developed modules written in RPG for initial data & document conversion and to maintain two-way data synchronization.

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